Saturday, February 28, 2015

“Color Codification of Emotional Energies”

There is nothing more exciting than being quoted by another scientist in academia, when you have innovated a new theory. I designed this chart for a conference, “Innovations”, sponsored by Boston University, October 29-30, 2002. I explained, “Energy follows thought. When we use our will to take control over thoughts, they take control over our emotional energies, which in turn, control chemical releases in the brain. The first step toward mastery, the long term goal, is to become conscious of every emotion we experience as we experience them.”
Ashley Wilkie, in a blog for a UK university quoted me and my color chart, December 15, 2014: “A table of colors with their properties defined by Shirley Willett, the model presented is used as a guideline for the basic emotions with their colors. The model that she presents, figure 3, has many overlaps with the data found from Claudia Cortes work with the only difference it reduces the list to the basics. (Jiang and Bian 2013, pp.189-194)” [Note: Wilkie eliminated “Joy” from my original. ]