Monday, April 24, 2017

“Making It “ In Fashion Design

  After responses to our first brochure, we are sending a new brief one with photo explanations.
How Do You “Make It “ In Fashion Design?

Be a part of writing an exciting fashion design book. Designers, consumers, students and beginners (who sew), who would like to learn online free by cooperating with Shirley Willett,, a well- known industry expert in creative design, pattern engineering, manufacturing, and education. Her unique methods are needed to make it, have been tested over 60 years, and are easy, fun and rewarding. We start with brief and introductory Foundation Design Skills that prepare you for our methods: Inner Visualization, Manual Skills, Creativity in every step, Self-Evaluation techniques, etc. Then we go to in depth lessons: Templates that make perfect first patterns ready for production, simple Pattern manipulation techniques, methods for Draping creative styles, Truing for accuracy, and many special lessons on Bodices, Skirts, Dresses, Sleeves, Collars, Blazer, Pants, etc.
Email to request becoming a part of our cooperative book effort, telling us about yourself, and what you want to learn.

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