Wednesday, April 05, 2017

How Do You “Make It “ In Fashion design?

How Do You “Make It “ In Fashion design?

        Be a part of writing a special book. You learn fashion design and pattern making free online from Shirley Willett, a well- known industry expert in creative design, pattern engineering and manufacturing. Website:

We learn by cooperation and begin with Foundation Design Skills needed in many industries: automobiles, aerospace, architecture, and fashion clothing. They relate to the making of a creative product, are easily achieved, and make learning and designing fun and rewarding. Then we advance to specific fashion skills in depth: Templates, Pattern making, Draping, Truing, Sleeves, Collars, etc.
Why a book? Shirley Willett answers:
After selling my high fashion design & manufacturing business in the early 80s, I went back to teaching and wanted to share the knowledge and expertise from experiences. I wrote a book, “Let’s Design A Dress”. It had to be taken off the market after using some of its innovations in three engineering design grant awards from the National Science Foundation.
Throughout these years I mentored many protégés, some of whom have been very successful. I discovered that certain approaches to fashion and technical design are needed to make it, but are not taught in fashion schools and colleges – leading to another book idea.
The book will be cooperation with protégés, designers, consumers, and even beginners (who sew). To those of you especially who would like to become designers, possible protégés, & better consumers, please become a part of producing our exciting, authentic book. 

How do you start?
            First, email and subscribe to postings of lessons, to be sure you get each posting as they are created. Each post will be a lesson, with the first five being the FDS (Fundamental Design Skills). You can respond by email to with questions and comments, and let us know if there is anything more that could help you with learning on this particular lesson. If you send pictures, it is best by email. If a reply needs pictures and will be good for others as well, it will go into the book with your name (if you choose). If it is more personal and no pictures are needed we will reply to you personally. If personal and requires pictures in the explanation, we will charge a small fee to develop them specifically for you. We look forward to some great teamwork on the book. Eventually we can work together to develop your ideas into beautiful, producible, marketable styles at affordable prices – as the book is written.

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