Saturday, September 02, 2006

B. Engineering Design

Engineering design is the most important conideration in this blog, and encompasses all the technical aspects of the fashion industry, pattern making/engineering, production, etc.


Diane said...

Claire McCardell learned pattern making by taking apart RTW and sewing it back together. I'm doing the same. If there is a better way I'd love to see it!

Shirley Willett said...


I'd love to have some more conversations with you, but I'm still struggling with getting my blog set up. I have a huge amount of knowledge in fashion design & engineering (57 years experience). I have a web site too.

I learned pattern making by creating patterns as a teenager. & developed them into engineering for production in my own manufacturing business. Then got NSF grants in the 1980s to develop my ideas. I will be getting lots more on my blog when I get this mastered.

In other words, yes, I do have a better way that I teach, & hope to have more up on my blog eventually. Thanks for you comment.

Shirley Willett

Hapto said...


I found you from the meet-up, and I'm *really interested in what you are talking about... I'm looking into going into fiber and textile design,(and likely importing) and so I'm looking to be as much of a "sponge" as possible to figure out which directions I should be looking.

Anyway, I look forward to the blog posts, and I belive you are local, so if you'd like to talk over coffee while I take notes, I'd love to join you. :-)

sarah at haptotrope dot com