Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Famous Suede Evening Gown #2

Some are asking me: What made this gown famous? (yesterday's post) Besides the great selling record, and some famous people who bought it, there are a couple of other events. In the late 1980s & early 1990s I won a series of engineering design grants from National Science Foundation, and began being accepted at engineering design conferences along with university professors all over the world. I explained the gown in all of my papers.
At one of them: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Design & Manufacturing Conference at the University of Illinois, Chicago, 1991, I showed the gown and explained it. This group of mechanical engineers from many industries (auto, Kodak, Boeing, etc.) all stood up and cheered me for what I accomplished in this gown, and aked for some graphics that showed some ways they could use the production information.
In January, 2004, MIT asked me to represent the American fashion apparel industry in a workshop, comparing design practices between industries. Again I showed the suede gown to explain my intense creativity in engineering production systems. They all loved it, and the vice president of Ford automobile refered to it as he gave his presentation.
In other words, the gown is famous in many different circles, from national agencies to industies to some universities' mechanical engineering departments.

Keep the questions coming! Thanks.


Seabass said...

Hi There Shirley,

Thank you so much for starting this blog. As an aspiring designer with a 4 year degree under my belt, I now look for expert advice from people that have been involved in the industry with a proven track record. Your mission statement is clear. I like that. Your pure knowledge is what we need most at this point in our careers.
If you ever write a book, I am positive it would be very well received. We need to hear from people that have been on the scholastic side of things.

Shirley Willett said...

Hi seabass,

Thank you for your kind words. I'd love to know more about you. You say you are an "aspiring designer". Please email me and tell me where you are at with your career and where you want to go.
shirley@shirleywillett.com I'd like to help you. I have proteges that I mentor, some just online, some in actual meetings. Also did you see my web site?

I hope to hear from you.